Lee Wan, Geunyeong, and Jae Joong stood next to each other, quietly eyeing the person next to them. Suddenly, Jae Joong grabbed Geunyeong's right hand and yanked her towards him. Lee Wan held onto her other hand and yanked her towards him. Both men stared silently into the other's eyes, without a word said they both started pulling Geunyeong. Aigoo! My arms are going to break in half if they don't stop! Geunyeong glanced at Jae and quickly looked over at Wan; both men had fierce determination in their eyes. She knew they were going to pull her as if it was tugged of war and she the rope. Clenching her teeth from the pain, Geunyeong finally had enough.

"STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Jae Joong and Wan quickly let go of her hands, shocked that such a quiet girl could be so loud. Suddenly free, Geunyeong took off running without a backward glance. She heard footsteps following behind her; she picked up her pace and ran like there was no tomorrow.


Jae Joong grins when he saw Geunyeong climbed over a brick wall; with the dress she has on, by now she must be really tired. Did she think she could out run him in that dress and wearing those high heels? Silly girl! Jae Joong gracefully jumped over the brick wall and continued his chase.

Run, run, run as fast as you can...hide, hide...I'll find you wherever you are; Geunyeong, where are you hiding? Jae Joong realized the alley was empty, and absolutely silent. He frowned, everything was too quiet...when did she learn to run so fast? Jae wondered; his lips curved up when he saw a door by the end of the wall. He took his sweet time walking to the door, and slowly he opens it. Jae Joong knew Geunyeong was hiding inside. He could hear her breathing heavily, the smell of her sweats permeated the room. Wordlessly, Jae Joong located her hiding spot behind a stack of boxes. There you are! He grins and tiptoed towards her.

Geunyeong POV

I heard the door opened but couldn't see who walked in the room; I leaned back against the wall hoping the stack of boxes in front of me was enough to hide me from whoever that walked in the room. I realized it was not safe at all for me to be in this isolated room; I closed my eyes and prayed that whoever walked in the room would leave soon. Suddenly I felt strong arms grabbed me from behind, I opened my mouth to scream...no sound...a hand had already covered my face. I tried screaming, but couldn't make a sound.

Am I going to die? Is this how I'm going to die...no, no it's not time yet, there were still so many things I wanted to do! Help! Then I heard a familiar voice whispered in my ears,

"If you're going to break up with me, at least show me some respect...why a note?" I felt my whole body shiver, Jae Joong always has that affect on me...whenever he was close to me, my five senses heighten.

"I'm....I'm sorry." I heard myself stuttered. Why couldn't I reacted normally, why am I so nervous! I really didn't do anything wrong.

"Sorry? You led me on a wild goose hunt and all you have to say is sorry?" Jae shouted. He suddenly pulled me out of the room and without loosening up his hold, pushed me against the wall and covered his body over mine.

"Oppa..you're scaring me..." My eyes widen when I noticed how angry he looks. His face was flush, and his eyes were so intense...I could feel the heat on my face from his hot gazes.

I don't know how long we stayed in that position, wordlessly he stares into my eyes and my eyes were glued to his. I saw a mixed of emotions flashed through his eyes, relief that he finally found me, anger that I left him and now confusion.

"Who was that man with you?" he asked. Here it goes....this is where all hell will break loose, I didn't want to tell him the truth but I was afraid to lie. Didn't I share that I was a coward? Yeah, I'm a 100% certificate coward.

"Lee Wan" I reply.

"What is his relationship with you?"

"My fiancé" I blurted out.

I could literally see the fire in his eyes as he slit his eyes and glared down at me.

"What?" Jae Joong shouted. I winced; he was getting louder by the second.

"My....my..." I didn't get to finish, someone else finished my sentence for me.

"I'm her fiancé, got a problem with that?" Lee Wan said with an arrogant smirk on his face. He must have jumped over the wall too; he was straightening his clothes as he answered.

Jae Joong slowly turns toward Lee Wan and said,

"Say that again?"

"My girl, my woman, my fiancé....as in my future wife" Lee Wan said nonchalantly.

I felt my face turns red as tomatoes, what on earth is happening? Suddenly without warning, Jae Joong kissed me hard on my lips. The kiss was so sudden, I felt light headed and dizzy. The softness of his kiss, the sweet tastes of his lips lingers on my lips. I stare blankly at him, confused.

"She's mine until I say I don't want her anymore." Jae Joong said, as if daring Lee Wan to dispute his words.

Without warning, Lee Wan leaned in and punched Jae Joong on the face. Jae Joong hit the wall and in a flash swung his right arm and jabbed Lee Wan's left chin. The jab was so hard, Lee Wan landed on the ground. I saw Jae Joong picked Lee Wan up by the collar and Lee Wan grabbed Jae Joong's shirt and the two men stare intensely into each other's eyes, silently daring the other to back down first. I realized it was my chance to escape; I took off my high heels and ran for my dear life without a backward glance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Geunyeong's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Jinwoo and Wan waited at the dinner, both staring at the entrance door. A few girls walked by; Wan’s eyes followed one of the girls and said to Jinwoo,

“Man, I wish she’s the one; look at that behind.” One of the girls stopped walking and turned to face Wan.

“What did you just say?” She asked with her eye brows raised. Wan pointed to Jinwoo and asked,

“Did you say something?”

Jinwoo shook his head and replied,

“No…did you?” Both men shook their heads at the same time.

“Han Hyo Joo hurry or we’re going to be late!” One of her friends shouted. HyoJoo glared at them and with her head held up headed towards her friends.

“Damn, she’s feisty!” Jinwoo said shaking his head.

He saw Dongwook walked through the entrance and in his arm was a young woman.

Quickly he poked Wan on the side and said,

“That must be her.”

Wan glanced over the entrance, and signed in relief. She’s not round as a ball, and even though she’s not beautiful, she isn’t ugly either. Wan grinned, and she obviously doesn’t have bad odor! Dongwook walked up to the two men and shook their hands.

“Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my sister. Geunyeong this is Park Jinwoo and Lee Wan.”

Geunyeong bowed her head in respect and softly whispered,


“Is your parents here yet?” Dong asked Wan.

“Yes, would you mind if I take her aside for a little while? I promised to join the rest of you at the dinner party later tonight.” Wan asked. Dong nodded in agreement.

Geunyeong’s POV

Lee Wan grabs my left hand and headed out the door. I tried to shake off his hold but instead he held my hand tighter. I turned around and begged oppa with my eyes, I didn’t want to be alone with a complete stranger. Oppa smiled and waved his hands and nodded again to Wan. I don’t understand how men communicate! A nod here and there without any unspoken words and they understood what the others wants. Lee Wan dragged me through the street, after a couple of blocks we stopped in front of a stand.

“Do you want a hotdog? I’m starving!” Lee Wan said and signaled for the lady behind the stand to prepare him a hotdog. Hotdog? Mutely, I shook my head. He handed me a hotdog and started eating his. I remained silent while he was eating. What did he want? Why did he drag me out here?

“Hey, you’re actually kinda cute. Not my type, but I really don’t have a choice get my drift?” He said and took the hotdog from my hands.

“You’re not hungry? I’ll eat it for you.” I nodded, sure whatever…I’m not really hungry anyway.

“I don’t want to marry you either; you’re not my type at all.” I said in a whisper. I tried talking louder, but for some reason I couldn’t. Maybe it’s because I’m nervous. Suddenly Lee Wan laughs, he kept laughing and I didn’t know what was so funny.

“I’m every woman’s type. So what is your type?” He asked. Jae Joong oppa’s image popped in my head. I quickly shook my head in an attempt to blank out the image.

“I…I don’t know.” I reply, praying that he would stop asking me so many questions. I hate answering questions.

“I like you, you’re cute and smart. The fact that you don’t talk much is a bonus. I think you’ll do as my wife.” Lee Wan said and grinned at me. I shrugged, he was talking to himself. I had no idea what he was mumbling about.

“Come wifey; let’s go meet your future in laws.” He smirks as he said that and grabbed my hands again.

This time instead of running, he slowed down and walked at the same pace I was. I wondered why he kept glancing down at me every once in a while and grin as if the whole thing was a joke to him.

As we were nearing the entrance, I thought I saw a familiar face. Lee Wan still held my hand in his, I tried pulling out of his grasp a few times but he wouldn’t let go of my hand. I stopped walking and felt my body sweat profusely.

I felt numb all over, I was frozen like a statue waiting for my doom; I knew the second he saw me, my whole body felt hot. Slowly, reluctantly I lifted my face and my eyes gaze straight into his. Jae was staring at me; his angry, hot molting fiery, I’m going to break every bone in your body stares. Then slowly, as if he has all the time in the world, he started gliding towards me.

End of Geunyeong POV

Jae Joong never wanted to kill anybody more than he did right now. When he got out of the car and saw Geunyeong walking hand in hand with another man, he felt as if all the veins inside his body popped in anger and frustration. All he saw was Geunyeong holding another man’s hand, he couldn’t think clearly. He started walking towards her; the fear on her face, the anxious pleading eyes was more proof that she was guilty. Jae started counting all the different ways he was going to make her pay… Jae smiled, Geunyeong, I’ve finally found you!


Lee Wan lazily sprawled across the living room couch; here goes another long winded lecture from his dad. He turned on his favorite songs; quickly put the ear piece in his ears and with his eyes closed he lay there silently while his father went on and on about family duties and responsibilities. Park Jin Woo, Lee Wan’s adopted brother and best friend leaned against the wall observing father and son and shook his head. They were both hopeless.

“Oboji, it’s time to get ready for tonight’s dinner with Wook publishing.” Jin reminded his father.

“Same goes for you Wan, let’s get moving!” Jin grabbed his brother’s arm and together they headed up the stairs.

“Oboji must be crazy this time, like I’m gonna marry some twenty year old virgin!” Wan paused and then grinned.

“Wait…maybe that’s not a bad idea; I’ve never had one of those before…” Jin shoved Wan playfully and said,

“Be serious, you’re meeting her tonight. For oboji’s sake be on your best behavior!” Wan rolled his eyes. Jin was becoming quite a stuffy guy.

“Be careful Jin before you become just like Oboji.” he warned.

“Don’t worry about me…I’m not the one meeting my future wife tonight!” Jin grinned at the flash of panic in Wan’s eyes.

“God help me Jin, what if she is ugly as hell and shape like a ball…” Wan groaned and banged his head against the wall.
“You have a choice; either live on your own without oboji’s financial assistance or be an obedient son and continue to live without worry of poverty.”

Wan signed deeply, he has no plan to take over his father’s business…Jin can have that position. But right now he needs money to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer and therefore he needs his dad.

“I hope she’s decent looking…” Wan said quietly already sealing his own fate…he’ll marry as long as his father continues to provide him with financial assistance. I hope she doesn’t smell! Wan shudder, he hates girls with bad odors.

“Hyung what the hell is this?” Jae looked in the mirror and could not believe he was staring at himself. His hyung, Won Bin gave him a complete makeover, instead of blond hair he now has darkish brown hair cut stylishly, and instead of wearing his normal leather jacket and baggy pant, he now has on a tuxedo.
“I need you to be my eyes and ears at this dinner party Jae; business is on the downhill and we need to know who our allies are and who’s likely to betray us.” Won bin said as he fixed his hair and tucked his shirt inside his pant.

Jae frowned,

“You know this isn’t me hyung, I barely passed high school. I’m not cut out for the business world; leave me be with my music”

Won bin laughed and slapped the back of Jae’s shoulder,

“I know you’ll do your best for us; I’m counting on you to be my eyes and ears. Heck, invite Junsu and Yunho to help you. Find out who is thinking or planning to back Wook publishing, possible stock sales and also if anybody is thinking about merging their companies.”

Jae shook his head, yeah right…what the hell…stock sales, merging? He ran his hand through his hair and followed his brother out the door.

“Wook publishing? Dong wook will be there tonight?” Jae asked. Won bin nodded,

“I think so; heard there was some under the table deal going on but there’s no confirmation.”

Jae slide inside the car. If Dong wook is at the dinner party, Geunyeong will most likely be there also…if not, he’ll find out where she is one way or another.

It’s been almost four months since Geunyeong left; he searched for her everywhere but still hasn’t found her. But tonight, he was sure tonight he’ll uncovered her whereabouts.

When they planned to live together, he worked his butts off saving money and applying for one job after another. He was lucky that Junsu has connection in the entertainment industry and got him a position with Dreamer agency; and from there Dreamer though he has the potential as a song writer and connected him with their sister company. It’ll all depends if he can produced any songs that Star Inc. like; if not…then it’ll be the end of his music career.

Jae already made plans with Dreamer agency to model for next year’s fashion, and even contracted with their sister company Star Inc. to composed songs for a few upcoming singers. All of his effort was for Geunyeong…she was the one who believed in his ability as a song writer, but now he felt everything was meaningless because of her betrayal. Most of all he’s trying his best to contained the raging emotion towards her; he couldn’t help but believe she was playing him for a fool. Geunyeong, wait till I get my hands on you!


“Still moping for that no good boyfriend of yours?” Dongwook asked softly. Geunyeong turned away from her oppa and stared out the window.

“Leave me alone, I don’t want to see your face right now.”
“Guenyeong, I’m doing this for you.” Dongwook puts his hand on her shoulder and she shrugged it off.

“No oppa, you’re not doing this for me…it’s all for your own gain. You don’t think I know about your deal with Lee Technology? Married off the goody two shoes sister to their black sheep son, and everything will be dandy.” Geunyeong felt tears welled up in her eyes.

She could not believe her oppa decided to use her as a bargaining chip, a business deal…selling her off to Lee Technology so that his own publishing company wouldn’t suffered the same fate as other new developing businesses.

“Geunyeong you know it’s more than that; I need your help and besides Lee Wan is a great catch, I’ve met him already. He is smart and…” Dongwook didn’t finish his sentence, Geunyeong angrily cuts in,

“He’s a womanizer, irresponsible, disrespectful and lazy!”
“You don’t know him well enough to make that call; I met him already and I assured you he’s a good kid.” Dongwook tried to assured his sister.

“I don’t want to marry Lee Wan! I love Jae Joong and you can’t stop me from loving him!” Geunyeong shouted and shoved her oppa out of her room.

“Get ready for tonight’s dinner; we’re meeting the Lee family. Lee Wan will be there and I want you to make a good impression…I’m expecting you to be ready. Your dress is already in your closet…” Dong paused for awhile then whispered apologetically,

“I’m sorry sis; if only oboji and ommoni is still alive then you wouldn’t have to suffer because of me.”

Geunyeong breathe heavily in defeat, she knew why her oppa made the deal…it was all to protect their family assets and company from bankruptcy.

“I’ll be ready.” She answered despite her reluctance; she didn’t want to let her oppa down.

Geunyeong leaned against the hotel bedroom wall and silently prayed for Jae to forgive her. Oh, Jae you must be so angry at me right now…I don’t blame you at all, but please understand…I need to help my oppa.

When her oppa told her she was getting married to Lee Wan, she was stunned and felt everything was surreal…she didn’t know how to react; but afterward she examined their financial situation and realized if she didn’t help her brother, he would bankrupted and eventually they would be out in the street.

Geunyeong didn’t have the courage to tell Jae the truth so she purposely wrote him that letter and pinned it on the wall; she also did not planned to meet with him that day…it was all a plan to change his feelings towards her. Jae has one hell of a temper and he can hold a grudge for a very long time. She wanted him to hate her…she wanted him to be angry at her, so that when and if they see each other in the future her heart wouldn’t hurt so much; and his heart wouldn’t hurt seeing her.

In her hands was a picture of them holding each other; it was their very first picture together. Geunyeong smiled sadly and with determination in her eyes, she got up to prepared for tonight’s dinner.

Her best friend Yoon Eun Hye once questioned whether she truly love Jae or if she was with him because he was so different from her. Geuyeong didn’t know how to explain the emotions she has towards Jae…she only knew that with him next to her, she was whole and complete.

But nevertheless, family loyalty comes first…her oppa did so much for her and if this was the only way to repay him then she was going to follow through with it. Geunyeong knew she was a coward, she should stand up for her rights, protests, scream and caused a scene…but that’s not in her nature. She was raised by her oppa after the death of her parents. He worked through high school and college to provide shelter, clothes, and tuition for her.

Sometimes she wished she has some spunk in her and be able to just let everything go or be feisty and selfish…but she wasn’t. Maybe, just maybe that was one of the reasons why she and Jae get along so well…they were two sides of the same coin. With deep signs of regrets, she pleaded with her aching heart to let Jae go.


I hope she remembers we’re supposed to meet tonight! Jae Joong took out his cell phone, and dialed her numbers. It rang and rang…no answers; he dialed her numbers again and got the answering machine. Damn, where the hell is she? He paced back and forth nervously, why isn’t she here? Did something happen to her? Suddenly worried, Jae got in his car and headed toward her house. You better have a good damn reason for not showing up! He stepped on the gas full speed in a rush to get to her.

Jae knew something was wrong the moment he got out of the house…all the cars were gone, and the house appeared empty. He knocked on the door…the house was quiet, too dang quiet. He banged on the door over and over; where the hell is everybody? Jae went behind the yard and climbed up her window…he’s been doing this so many times in the past that it became a habit of his. He pushed the screen opened and hopped inside. The room was empty, everything was gone…the bed, the furniture…even the closet filled with clothes was empty. Inside the closet was a note pinned on the wall; Jae quickly read the note and cursed under his breath…Damn that girl!

 Jae crumpled the note in his hand and threw it against the wall. He knew something like this was going to happen. Damn him for falling in love with her; she made him look like a complete idiot speeding his car through traffic panic rising and imagining all kinds of things happening to her. Moon Geunyeong when I find you, you better run and hide because your sweet innocent face is not going to save you! Jae punched the wall hard, reached down and picked up the note again.

He knew from the start their relationship was going to be rocky because of the disapproval from both sides of the families. On top of all that, Geunyeong’s oppa, Dong Wook and Jae’s hyung Won Bin was rival through out high school and university, they were rival in school and in love. The two never made peace with each other and blamed the other for the death of the girl they were both pursuing, Lee Dae Hae. It was hard enough trying to win Geunyeong’s heart in high school because of all the gossips and smirks among the students, but with their older brother’s hatred for each other; it made everything a lot more difficult.

Hating school and doing their own things on school ground didn’t help either, Jae and his two best friends, Yunho and Junsu was named the ‘delinquents’ because of their errant behaviors, and seldom class attendance. Jae was considered the leader of the pack because of his mean looks; with his shoulder length blond hair, punk rock leather jacket and faded baggy pants and nose ring, the school automatically assumed he was up to no good. Standing next to petite, innocent looking and soft spoken nerdy Geunyeong, who in their right would let him, date her? The two was as different as night and day, but despite it all Jae fell in love with her…and he thought she was in love with him too. Damn it all to hell, Guenyeong I am pissed, what the heck is going on? Is this what you call breaking up?
He reread the note carefully, hoping to find something new.

Jae, I know we were supposed to leave everything behind and start our life together, but I think it’s better if we don’t see each other. You’re not my type of guy, I prefer someone that isn’t so wild and crazy. I guess I just wanted to see what it was like to date a ‘bad boy’, but for someone to share my life with…I need someone solid and stable. We’re still young, so go find yourself another girl…someone more your type.

Jae crumpled the note again and instead of throwing it away, he puts it inside his mouth and chewed it until it was all soft and mushy…and then he swallowed it. Guenyeong, I am not going to fall for your deceitful sweet innocent look, I will make you pay for making me a fool…for loving you and being abandoned by you! He promised vehemently.