First Love

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(I love the poster!!!)She's a science geek...a 'nobody' in the school

He's the school popular 'in crowd' and the leader of the talented boy band the 'lexicon'

What happen when their path collide?

Find out the story of a geeky girl, a popular boy, the geeky girl's best friend and the popular boy's band. The twists, turns…and will they find love?


Ariel Lin

Joe Cheng

Rainie Yang

Ge Hu

Ethan Ruan

Jessica (from SNSD)

Tiffany Xu

Baron Chen

Bianca Bai

and many more

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Disclaimer! The following is a work of Fiction. The events and characters
are fictional and the celebrity names/images are merely borrowed and do not
represent who the celebrity is in real life.


Chapter 1: Just my luck

Someone left a letter in my locker. It was a one sheet line paper folded in half carefully sealed inside an envelope. I quickly looked from left to right wondering if the person that left me the letter was hiding somewhere. I didn’t see anybody. I opened the letter and realized there was no name; I had no idea if the letter was for me or someone else. The letter had “I’ve been watching you from afar” and ended with from “your secret admirer”. Secret admirer? Me? I chuckled to myself and slammed the locker door. The letter was filled with lyrics stolen from love songs. Monday morning….I groaned in frustration, Monday morning and already a prank.

I bet it was one of the bored five members of popular girls playing a prank on me again. As if dumping cafeteria food all over my head wasn’t enough for them last week. The wealthy, beautiful girls became so popular in my high school they were nicknamed the ‘jewels’ of the school. The students shorten the ‘jewels’ to just the ‘js’. Like ‘run away and hide! The js’s coming!’ Amazingly the hallway would quickly empty the moment the five js entered the entrance of the school hallway.

They’re ‘jewels’ because their parents practically run the whole Taipei High School, without their income the school wouldn’t be able to operate. I think that was the reason why they got away with a lot of crap they did in school, like bullying other students, not turning in their work and most of the time outright disrespect for the classroom teachers.

I groaned when I saw Jessica walking hand in hand down the hallway with Ethan Ruan. Jessica is the leader of the ‘jewels’ while Ethan with his good looks and wealth is consider one of the five group members of the popular boy band called the ‘lexicon’.

Yes, I know what a weird name for a band. Honestly I don’t even know what kind of music they play…not like I would ever be invited to any of their event anyway. Aside from being good looking, the five male members of the band ‘lexicon’ are also from wealthy families. It was like match made in heaven…the ‘jewels’ and the ‘lexicon’.

All the other students are just human beings unworthy of their attention and if lucky they would go to school completely ignored by the ‘js’ and the lexicon. I sighed, crumbled the letter and threw it in the trash. And if you’re lesser than a human being and are held in contempt by one of the group members you get tortured and picked on…unfortunately I fall under the ‘lesser’ than a human being category and sometimes got picked on more than once in a week.

I guess I should be lucky that it’s only once or twice a week…some students got tortured on a daily basis. I adjusted my spectacle, turned my head away from the couple all the while averting my eyes as I race pass Jessica and Ethan. I quickly speed walk toward my class and slumped into my seat with a deep sigh of relief. Ariel! Fighting! I said to myself as I pulled myself up from my seat and turned toward the teacher. Ah! Chemistry! My favorite subject!....and yes if you’re wondering, I am a geek…to be exact I am a science geek and that is one of the reasons why I was labeled a lesser human being by the js.

Tuesday morning I was running late with my hair half combed, the right side tie up like a bunny ear and the left untouched and uncombed. I grabbed my heavy backpack gave my father a kiss and flew out the door. Luckily I was able to catch the late bus and knew I was only going to be ten minutes late to my first period class.

With my first period research paper on atoms in my hands, I raced down the hallway glancing left and right just in case a hallway monitor pops up out of nowhere. I did not see the student in front of me. The moment I saw him, I skidded to a stop but wasn’t quick enough. My forehead bumped into his and we both fell down hard on the marble floor. My research papers flew out of my hands and scattered all over the floor.

“Sorry! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” I asked while on my knees picking up my papers.

I didn’t hear any response. The silence was deafening, for some reason I felt a shiver up my spine and even though I knew it was a bad idea, I forced my head up and my eyes met the leader of the lexicon group.

Joe Cheng…the devil reincarnated, the most ruthless of the ruthless in the whole school…only to those that wronged him first. I counted myself blessed because my existence was ignored by the lexicon.

I saw juice all over his expensive collar shirt…the shirt alone probably cost more than what I make doing my stinky part time job at the lab! I unzipped my backpack and grabbed the handkerchief I used to blow my nose and hurriedly wiped his shirt. He roughly pushed my hands off him and with a look of disgust snarled,

“What’s your name?”

I felt my knees weakened and knew I was in deep trouble. Please don’t ask for my name, please forgive me and pretend I don’t exist! Please! I lowered my gaze, folded my knees in position and bow to him. Yes, I was quietly begging him to forgive me.
The scowled on his face was not a good sign.

“ I….I….” I stammered, I couldn’t answer him.

Then the bell rang and the students quickly circled around us. My friend Rainie saw me on my knees and the good friend that she is yelled,

“Ariel! Are you okay?”

My face burned and I heard other students whispering

“Hey! Isn’t she that geeky math whiz in our Calculus class?”

“Whoa look! It’s that clumsy geeky girl in our chemistry class! I bet she did something stupid again!”

“Did geeky girl throw juice on him or what? Aww, she’s in deep shit!”

“Poor geek girl, the js and now the lexicon…don’t talk to her or we’ll in deep shit too!”

I glared at the crowd. Sheesh! Did they have to add ‘geeky’ part to every single sentence in reference to me? I’m proud to be a geek! But sheesh!

I kept my head lower and zipped my mouth. The crowd got larger and larger yet the lexicon leader did not say anything. The tension was killing me…I think I’ll just stay home tomorrow…and the day after that and the day after that…and maybe transfer to a new school.

The bell rang again and reluctantly the students dragged their feet heading to their next class while I was still on my knees waiting for judgment call. Rainie…with a pat on my shoulder, Rainie…my best friend also went to her next class.

“Hey!” I heard lexicon leader yelled. I glanced up and saw him shirtless. What??? The shirt was in his hands; he threw it at me and said,

“Buy me a new one.” With that said he turned to Tiffany Xu, another member of the js’. She pulled out what looked like a towel and covered his upper body. Jessica sneered at me and in a loud voice said,

“Should we tag team on her?” I heard laughter as the group left me still kneeling on the floor. Truthfully I couldn’t move, the turn of event was so shocking…even though I wanted to get up…I was frozen in place. The only thought running through my head was

‘I can’t afford to pay for his shirt!’ and

‘ with the js’ and the lexicon ganging up to torture me I might as well not go to school!’

Ah! Why? Oh why me?!!!!

Chapter 2: Missing Shirt

“Ariel?! What are you going to do!! You’re sooooo dead!” “Sheesh, thanks for reminding me.“ I replied sarcastically. Rainie hugged me tightly apologizing at the same time.

“Any tighter, people will think we’re lesbian!” I warned. Rainie grinned and released her hold on me.

“Let’s scare those js’ by pretending we’re lesbian! They’re be so scare to come around you…”

“Rainie, don’t be stupid. So what if we’re lesbian? That’s not going to stop them from being evil!”

“I’m not stupid brainy geek! Just because your IQ’s a few points higher than mine doesn’t make you all that!” Rainie folded her arms and glared at me. Oh great, me and my stupid mouth.

“Sorry Rainie…but you know my IQ wasn’t just a few points higher it was…“


“Sorry…“ I smiled mischievously at my best friend. She was the only one that knows exactly what to say to put a smile on my face. I may have the high IQ but she was street smart. I think if I have a choice, I prefer to be street smart….that way I wouldn’t have to worry about the js’ and now the lexicon.

“Did you find out how much Joe’s shirt cost?“ Rainie asked.

I banged my head against my locker and groaned out loud. Let’s see I make about one hundred dollars a month mixing chemical at the lab and dad usually gives me fifty dollar monthly allowance. $150 income coming in a month and Joe’s shirt cost around 2 thousand. Ah! I can’t afford it! Stupid devil! I glared at his shirt still in my locker…I couldn’t bring myself to throw it in the trash. The juice spilling incident happened last week and since then I’ve had juice poured on my head twice this week and my lunch dumped in the trash once…and it’s only Wednesday.

“Don’t look up Ariel! It’s the js’ and the lexicon heading our way!” Rainie warned.

I glanced sideway, my head still lower. I saw the leader of the js’ Jessica gliding down the hall like she was a model, behind her is the elegant Bianca Bai, every high school boys’ wet dream lover. Next to Bianca is Selina rumored to be the leader of the lexicon’s girl. She was beautiful with her creamy skin and long wavy hair. Oh, how this geek envied you! I chuckled to myself…haha, I’m starting to call myself a geek…only a geek would do that to themselves. Behind Selina was Yoona, the smart gentle girl from Korea and next to Yoona is her best friend Tiffany Xu.

I forgot to mention, Ethan Ruan is holding Jessica’s hand walking a little behind their leader, Joe Cheng. The leader of the lexicon, his shoulder length hair tied in the back in a pony tail, his neatly pressed shirt hugged perfectly to his frame. He too look like a runway model…what a show off! I almost puked watching how the other students swoon when the lexicon walked passed them. Next to Joe Cheng is the quiet handsome Ge Hu, he is a mystery to me.

Nobody really knows anything about him, there was a rumor his family has mafia ties. Scary huh? Yeah, I make sure I stay far….really far away from him. Then there’s the playboy Baron Chen, if Bianca Bai is every high school’s boys wet dream lover, Baron Chen is every high school girls’ fantasy prince with his chiseled handsome face and smooth talk. Last but not least of the lexicon group is the youngest member, Aaron…I heard he has frequent mood swing so it’s always a good idea to steer clear from him.

They were heading closer my way, I squeezed my eyes tight expecting another torture today but surprisingly they walked pass me as if I don’t exist. What a huge sigh of relief I leaned against my locker.

Oh shit! I turned toward the voice. It was Joe Cheng.

“I need my shirt next week. Have it ready.”

I nodded wordlessly. After they exited the school entrance I turned to Rainie.

“Can I borrow some money?”

Good friend that she was…said no, she was broke.

That night I brought Joe’s shirt home and hand washed them….I followed the direction on the little tag inside his shirt. Cold water, wash by hands then hang it outside and let it dry. I will press it with the iron tomorrow so he’ll think it’s brand new! That night I slept really well as I gazed at the stars through my small window. Joe’s shirt was hanging outside my bedroom’s balcony, it look almost as good as new. After ironing it will look as good as new!

The next morning, I went outside to check on Joe’s shirt and it was missing….someone stole his shirt. Time for me to have a nice long chat with my dad…like,

“I need to transfer to a different school. Why you ask? Because I’m going to be kill by this group of rich, spoil, good for nothing students at my school..whose parents happen to financed the school’s daily operation…”

Yeah, I’m soooo dead.

Chapter 3: Missing shirt: Found

As usual dad did not wake up when the alarm clock went off; instead I had to pour cold water all over his face...watching him scrunched up his face and swinging his arms around was funny, but the routine was getting really old. I'm the damn kid here not him!"Dad! Get up! You're going to be late to work!!!" I shouted in his ear.

"Five more minutes" He groaned and attempted to cover the blanket over him. I grabbed hold of the blanket and poured the rest of the cold water on his face.

"Daddy, get up while the water's still cold. You don't want me to pour HOT water now, right?" I asked sinisterly.

My pudgy short father opened his eyes and glared at me.

"You're no daughter of mine! Can't even get any sleep!"

"Ha! You're no father of mine! Can't even wake up on time to work! Still remember the time we got evicted? Huh? Want me to remind you!?" I asked with my hands on my hip.

Dad groaned again and stomped in the bathroom. Sheesh! I ran to the kitchen and popped in two pieces of toast. I could hear dad singing as he showered. I gave up telling him to stop singing, it's not like he was going to listen to me anyway. He refused to believe he's tone deaf.

I hate going to karaoke with him because he really thinks he knows how to sing. If I was not such a filial daughter I would tell people I don't know him. Sadly, not only am I filial, but I will defend him until my last breath. The reason? Cause dad and me, we're it...we don't have any other family. Mom, granny and grandpa died in a car crash a few years ago, so I have no choice but to put up with my dad. Who knows what tomorrow will bring right?

"I love you, you love me, we're one big happy family! With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you....." My dad's loud squeaky voice grated my ears.

Of all the songs he chose to sing, he just had to sing BARNEY, the stupid purple dinosaur that gave me nightmare for weeks! I couldn't even swallow the cereal I have in my mouth.

"Dad! Enough with the singing already! STOP!" I shouted totally pissed at him. Finally, he stopped singing. I took a deep breath and continue with my breakfast. If I don't hurry I was going to be late. I glanced at my watch, I really need to tell dad about switching school. As usual he'll probably say no and lectured me about the hardship of getting into a really good prestigious school, and how I should appreciate what I have, etc. etc.

"Ariel! Do you like my new shirt?" Dad asked.

I turned around, oh FREAKING HELL NO!!! Dad was wearing Joe Cheng's shirt! The collar shirt was too small for my chubby dad. The shirt only covered half of his body, his balloon shape gut was sticking out making him look like dumbo the elephant. I looked closely and realized a few of the buttons was gone, probably flew off when it made contact with dad's fat stomach.

I'm sooo dead now.

"Dad...that shirt...that...." I stuttered, I couldn't believe dad's wearing Joe's shirt. My dad kissed my forehead and patted my head.

"I knew my princess wouldn't forget her dad's birthday. I was so happy to see my present hanging outside your window last night, I wanted to surprise you! Are you surprise? I bet you're surprise! But Ariel, don't you think the shirt's a little small?"

I hung my head low in shame. Did I say I was a filial daughter? I guess not as filial as I thought cause I totally forgot about dad's birthday. Running away from the lexicon and the js' will do that to you.

"Ha...happy birthday daddy..." I felt my eyes twitching, eyes twitched whenever I feel guilty and boy was I guilty.


Being a drama freak really comes in handy sometimes. For example, in most of the dramas, there are usually tips on how to avoid or escape from one's enemy. Rule number one was to avoid all contact. I made sure I stay far far away from the js and the lexicon. I avoided the cafeteria during lunch time and was the first one out of the classroom at the end of the school.

Rule number two, really fast to escape your enemy. That's what I was doing, the moment the school bell rang I ran out of the classroom. You see when I opened the door, Joe Cheng was already waiting for me, I knew he was pretty pissed off too because of the scowl on his face. When he saw me, his eyes narrowed angrily. I was so scared, I thought I was going to pee on myself, so of course I wasn't going to be stupid like...let him talk to me! So without giving him a chance to say anything, I ran.

I ran and ran and ran until I felt someone yanked the back of my uniform. I came to a complete halt. Heart pounding I shut my eyes tight. I will not open my eyes no matter what! You see, rule number 3, see no evil, hear no evil...

"Where's my shirt?"

Damn. Joe Cheng, the devil caught me.