Hyun Bin smiled as he held a dozen red roses to his nose. He stood in front of Eun Hye's house waiting for someone to open the door for him.

Ahh...the roses smells sweet just like Yoon Eun Hye, his dream woman. He just came back from America, and wanted to surprise his Junior high school pal. They were the best of friends from Elementary school to Junior high...until his father was relocated to work out of country. The two stayed in contact through emails and sometimes phone calls.

Hyun grinned in anticipation; he wanted to tell her he likes her...more than just friends. He waited over four years! Whenever he needed a shoulder to lean on, he would message her through the internet and she was always there with encouraging words to lift his spirit.

What's taking so long? Nobody's home? Hyun wondered and walked down the steps. As he was walking towards his car, he heard loud screams. Curious, he silently tiptoed towards the sound. It was coming from the basement?

There was a small window just a few inches high. Hyun heard screaming again, he lie on the ground and peeked through the window. What he saw left him speechless.

Was that Eun Hye?
His sweet...sweet Eun Hye?

What was she doing to that man tied to the chair?

No...that can't be his Eun Hye. She would never do something as crazy as that, right?

Hyun chuckled, no...he Had made a mistake, that girl with her hands on her hips laughing at the tortured man could not possibly be his Eun Hye.

Hyun's eyes widen when he saw four...five older women in their late fifties dancing around the frighten man. Oh my god, one of the older women is...striping??? Hyun couldn't watch it anymore..., his heart clenched in pain of misery and horror for the poor man.

The man started screaming, and one of the women stuffed some cloth inside the man's mouth to stop his screams. Oh S*&% that man needed to be rescued!

He took out his cell phone and dialed the police number.

"Yah, there's a man being tortured in the basement. They have him tied to a chair...and stripping in front of him." Hyun hurriedly explain to the dispatcher.

"Stripping in front of a man tied to a chair?" The dispatcher asked with doubt in his voice.

"Yeah." Hyun nodded.

"Hey guys listen to this, if you're tied to a chair and forced to watch women strip in front of you, do you call that torture?" the dispatcher asked his co-workers. Hyun heard an overwhelming "NO" response.

"Sorry, can't help you sir. Good-bye." The dispatcher said.

"Yah! Those women are in their late fifties..or...or even older!!" Hyun shouted. Not that he has anything against older women stripping...there are those that prefer older women. But he feels it was an injustice if one is tied and forced to watch against his will.

"Did you say in their late fifties?!" The dispatcher shouted. Hyun nodded wordlessly over the phone. The man sounded more anxious than he was!

"Location and description of victim and perpetrators involved. I will have the police there in less than 5 minutes!"


The police arrived less than five minutes in three different cars. There were six of them, each of them with a wooden stick in their hands. Hyun scrambled up from the ground and ran toward the cops.

"You the one that call?" One of the police man asked. Hyun nodded with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. After observing that girl carefully, he realized it was Eun Hye...his Eun Hye and instead of giving her a dozen red roses, he was sending her to jail.

One of the police burst open the front door and with the five other cops behind him they kicked the basement door open and one of them shouted,

"Put your hands up in the air!"

Hyun squeezed through the open door way and saw the old grannies pulling up their dresses and buttoning up their blouses.

Each cop grabbed a granny and handcuffed them. Another cop took hold of Eun Hye and tried to handcuff her but she wouldn't have any of it.

"Yah! What's going on!?" Eun Hye crossed her arms over her chest.

"Who call the police?" She wanted to know. Hyun slowly walked up to Eun Hye and gave her the roses without saying a word...he didn't want her to know he was the snitch. She looked at him with a blank stare, then slowly there was a light of recognition. She slowly grin at him and took the roses. The cop grabbed both her hands and with the roses in her hands handcuffed her.

"You young lady, have a lot of explaining to do!" the cop said and dragged her with him among all the screaming and kicking from the other women. Hyun Bin hurriedly followed behind Eun Hye and the cop.

"Eun Hye, your mother's debt is now double!" One old lady shouted.

"No more free meat buns on Sunday!" Another lady shouted.

"And to think it wasn't even this gigolo that took your college fund!" another lady by the name of Hye Won said. Eun Hye's eyes widen in shock.

She turns toward the man, still tied onto the chair with his mouth covered in rags and bowed her head in apology.

Eun Hye knew she went a little too far this time; she already had a suspicion Joo Ji Hoon might not be the right scammer...but with Hye Won's words, it confirms her suspicion. She caught the wrong gigolo and attempted to earn money from him...aigoo, she deserved to in jail for a few days.

Joo Ji Hoon ignored Eun Hye's pleading eyes, he was more concerned about his freedom. The cops were leaving without untying him! He has the perfect revenge plan for Eun Hye...and he'll put it into play right after somebody untied him!

Eun Hye was going to get a taste of her own medicine...in his basement!!

He gave Eun Hye a nasty stare and mouthed " You're dead", with the rags still in his mouth. Eun Hye rushed out the door...from his fierce expression, she knew Joo Ji Hoon wanted her dead.

I can officially announce that I’ve just met the freakish, most insane person on planet earth…and her name is Yoon Eun Hye. I nickname her ‘weirdo’. Last night, she hung me upside down with some old worn out rope from this ancient box. I almost pee in fear of the rope tearing and me falling flat on the cement and messing up my very expensive face.
I swear there is something wrong with that girl besides being a weirdo…I think she’s kind of slow too. Let’s recap what happen last night so you know what I mean. Oh and did I mention she had a whip with her? She almost killed me with that thing!


“Yah! If you don’t start talking I’m gonna make you sorry!” Eun Hye shouted with her hands on her hip as if she was ready for a fight. What an uncivilized person! I made a face at her and refused to answer her.

She had me tied onto a chair in the middle of all this junk down in the basement. I was sick of her games; if only I was free I would give her a taste of her own medicine! I knew she was the one that framed me and bailed me out of jail then have the gall to tied me up and expects a ‘thank you’ for bailing me out! I told her she was the one that put me in jail so it was only fair that she bailed me out.

“Look weirdo, I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t take your freaking college fund!” I repeated for the hundredth times. Weirdo grabbed a picture from the piles of junk on the table and puts it in front of my face. It was a picture of an older woman…with similar facial features to weirdo.

“So?” I raised my eye brows at her. I have no idea what she was talking about.

“You took money from this woman here and I want you to tell me where the money is right now!’ Weirdo shouted.

“Yah! Have some respect! Don’t shout at me…what are you? an animal? Wait even animal behaves better than you!” I purposely provoked her. But seriously, some animals do behave better than her!

Weirdo’s eyes suddenly slit and she glared at me with a devilish smile on her face. For a second I feared for my life, what if she really decided to kill me off? She mentions something about cutting me in half and turning me into meat buns for sale…what if she decides to follow through?

Without a word, she pulled my feet hard and I fell down…chair and all. She opened this ancient looking box and pulled out a strand of worn out ropes and started tying my legs.

“Yah! I’m already tied up! What are you doing?” I was kind of amused at her tactics but also annoyed.

Weirdo didn’t answer me. She swung the rope around one of the pole and dragged me next to the pole. Oh no, is she…? What the f&*#, that B&%* is really going to hang me upside down! I felt myself being lifted up into the air, then within a few minutes I was hanging upside down, while Weirdo busy herself with the ropes.

After she hung me upside down, she took a rod from a draw and without warning whipped my butt hard. Owww! That f*&%ing hurt! I swear my face turned blue, I have never in my life been whipped before…not even in foreplay. Eun Hye is the first person to whip me…and I swear on my life I am going to get my revenge one day. Just wait, she’ll pay!

Weirdo grinned at me and said smartly “Think about that woman in the picture long and hard…you know who she is and I expect you to tell me where my money is or you’re going to be sorry!” with that she left me behind hanging upside down.

“Yah! Wait!!” I shouted, she answered with the bang of the door shutting.

End of flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now you know what I mean when I said she’s a weirdo. What girl in their right mind would kidnap a stranger, tied them up and forced them to give her answers they don’t have or don’t know? Anyway now I’m back on the ground, but I still feel unstable after a night of hanging upside down. But I would never let the weirdo know that; right now she’s eating and grunting at me every once in a while; like she’s annoyed at me.

Maybe she’s in love with me? Is that why she kidnapped me and uses the excuse of being scammed out of her college fund to get close to me? No…no, a beast like her can’t like a guy…no, she’s too scary. Damn, I’m hungry! If I die I will haunt her for the rest of her life! She gives me the creeps! Why is she looking at me like that? Is she…is she thinking of another way to torture me? Help me God!!

Yoon Eun Hye POV

I have Joo Ji Hoon under my control…tied up in my basement. Why do I have to tied him up and hiding in my basement? Before you condemn me let me tell you a little bit about myself. You’ll come to understand that I’m actually a very nice person.

I’m known as the ‘nice girl’ in my neighborhood. Nice that is…until someone pissed me off; I mean really pissed me off. I don’t get angry very often…at least that’s what my best friend Lee Yeon Hee tells me. Things like someone borrowing my favorite CD and not returning it…I feel disappointed but eventually after a few punches I’m okay with it.

Being a nice girl and all, I don’t get pissed off easily…but there’s one thing I can’t stand and that’s people who scammed others off their hard earned money. My omma was scammed out of my whole college saving. I asked her for the name of the person who took our money and she said Joo Ji Hoon. Scammers…I HATE SCAMMERS! I sweated through out high school working part time and weekends just to have enough money for college…and in just one night it was all gone. I vowed to find this Joo Ji Hoon and make him repent for his sins! No…I’m not a religious freak; but I believe people should live with some moral…which Joo Ji Hoon clearly lacks.

So while my best friend Yeonhee went off to college, I stay behind to catch this Joo Ji Hoon scammer. It wasn’t hard to find him, I asked about him around the streets and within minutes I was told of his whereabouts, how much he charged and what kind of services he provide. Ewww…I was shocked speechless when they told me he was a male gigolo! What a pervert!

Well enough rambling from me; see I told you I’m a nice person. So here’s the story, I tipped the police regarding Joo Ji Hoon’s schedule and after a few days of following him they caught him red handed servicing an forty something year old woman. He was bailed out from jail by me…after I told them he was my long lost brother.

Back to why he is currently tied up in my basement…I told him if he wants to live he has to pay me my college fund. I demonstrated ten different methods of killing him without leaving any evidence…but instead of being scared he look amused by my tactics.

I told him I’ll let him live if he tells me why he became a pervert, where the hell my college fund is and if he truly repents for sinning and promise never to scam another person. When I said promise never to scam another person again…I mean he has to sign his name in blood.
Anyway, It’s been two days now and he still refused to sign his name in blood. Don’t worry; I know at least 100 different torturing strategies to get him signing anything I want.

The problem is…Joo Ji Hoon seems to be enjoying being tied up and tortured. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Should I hang him upside down to get him talking? Anyway...back to the present, I guess you could say this is the beginning of how our relationship started...

Joo Ji Hoon POV

You might be wondering why a twenty four year old handsome young man like me is kissing a forty something year old woman. Well to put it bluntly, it’s part of my job. That’s right; my job is to make women happy…with the right dollar amount of course. Word on the street is, I don’t come cheap and I pride myself as one of the more expensive brand of wine…dessert or whatever name my patronage gives me. As long I’m paid, I’m satisfied.

You see, despite my outer appearance I’m quite a simple guy. I like everything to be organized and predictable. I don’t like surprises…yeah I know, sounds funny coming from a big time gigolo, but it’s the truth. You’re wondering why a man like me who don’t usually talk a lot are sharing so much with you right? The fact is I don’t have much of a choice…I mean it when I said I don’t have much of a choice. Its talk or die, which would you choose?

Back to why you saw me kissing a forty year old woman. She’s one of my regular, with her soft skin and round stomach she ain't bad…I enjoy spending time with her. She doesn’t require a lot, a few kisses, a back massage and or with bonus and over time, I give her my specialty. Women loves my specialty…it’s not that I don’t trust you, but if I share my specialty with you, I would be out of business and you wouldn’t want me out of business right? Wait…don’t answer.

Okay, okay here’s why I’m telling you my story. Do I care if you listen or not? Its talk or die remember? So humor me.

“Oh darling Ji Hoonie…you make me feel sooo love…” She whispered against my neck as I gently kissed her earlobe. She held me closer and closed her eyes, her body was shaking and I knew she was close to climaxing. I leaned in and nibbled her lips, I felt her shake and she suddenly screamed in pleasure. I grinned, she climaxed right on time…I didn’t feel like over time tonight.

I held her in my arms while she was screaming…

and this was how the police and her millionaire husband found us. I was completely naked except for my boxer, and she…well let’s just say the first thing her husband did was covered her with a blanket. Yup, that’s my story of how my whole simple, carefree life turned upside down…I was handcuff and taken in by the police.

I thought it was the end of everything for me…except to my surprise, it was only the beginning.