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Whispers: ArJoe, Rainie and Ge Hu Fanfic (Completed)

The wheels of destiny keeps turning and it played a cruel joke on two completely different families….as the truths slowly unfold twenty years later, from Vietnam to Taiwan. One girl kidnapped from her homeland and auctioned underground…Another girl grew up to be the only heiress to one of Taipei’s most progressive company forced to marry a man she has never met… A man left with a broken heart…And another man who would do anything for love…The wheels of destiny turns, and the lives of these people collide and secrets from twenty years ago will slowly unfolds and the truths could kill.

ArJoe Fanic: My baby daddy (Completed)

She was only seventeen years old and pregnant with his baby...they were two strangers bound by one night together...will they find love with each other or someone else?

ArJoe Fanfic: All for two bowls of Ice cream (completed)

High School crushes, best friends and the strings of bets

ArJoe Fanfic : The You I Never Knew (Completed)

She loved him, he loved her...but what happen when he lost his memories of her...and she's pregnant with his baby?

Modern Day Love/Memories of Love (My Very First FanFic^^) (Completed)

A six months marriage? Secrets from the past, and a villain willing to kill for power

Sweet Romance (My second Fanfic: Edison Chen and Crystal Fei) (Completed)

This is a story about a girl who have alway believed in true love, and thought that the boy she like from elementary school was her soul-mate. However, she later realizes true love was just a myth and developed a love-hate relationship with the same boy she thought was her 'other half'. This is a light, romantic, coming of age story about the meaning of love...as these two unlikely pairs learns about Sweet Love.
Where to Read: Winglin^^

Ariel and Jay Chou Fanfic: Tomorrow

Fantasy world of Ariel and Jay, will they love or be rivals?

Kim Jae Joong and Moon Geun young fanfic: I was first

She left him for another man, will love prevails or revenge?

Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon 'Just for the night' Fanfic

Jump! How High?

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